How to write a white paper for marketing

The following tips and subsequent section examples provide a good starting point. Lander is pleased to offer you a full suite of landing page templates.

There are plenty of other formats to provide company or product-specific information to your audience, such as data sheets for example. Ready to get started. First, though, you need to give them something of value, and you can only do that by filling your white paper with useful tips and information.

Does it promise him a desirable benefit if he reads it. Having trouble shortening your title. The trick is to ensure that your presentation incentivises people to visit your landing page and download the full whitepaper. A commonly recommended length is to words. Be very clear regarding the benefits of each of the solutions, including how it specifically impacts your audience.

Write first, edit second. Because of a number of serious missteps, many white papers fall short of accomplishing these critical tasks.

An effective white paper provides answers to questions that many prospects ask. And write it as if you were writing to one person only, not a faceless, generic crowd. So what are some elements of a powerful title. Who is your target audience.

The conclusion provides the opportunity to: Be clear regarding how these solutions address the problem statement s. Break it down into sections with a colon, or insert a subtitle that can be more descriptive.

8 Tips for Writing White Papers (Hint: Don't Call It a White Paper)

The 1 mistake people make is turning a white paper into a sales pitch. Focus your message on your reader, not on your company or product, even if it's truly remarkable. This will make it easier for you to draw attention to key parts of your content; bulleted lists are great places to mention benefits.

If you make a claim, be prepared to back it up. Be sure the flow of your white paper is in line with your goals. Your white paper should be attractive and easy to read, and that may call for a professional designer. A few integrations that you can leverage for marketing Conclusion Even in today's crowded B2B content marketing landscape, marketers like you can use white papers as powerful, effective lead generation tools.

If you want to cut through the B2B marketing clutter, if you want to get and keep his attention, if you want to have the best opportunity possible to convert him from a reader into a buyer, focus your message primarily on him his problem, his needs, his wants and your solutions for him not on your product.

As you write more and more blog posts, the organic traffic driven to your landing page accumulates. Substantiate your message by including content from subject experts by getting quotes directly from them or curating their content. You may also want to try retargeting or Facebook exchange to try and bring back people who have visited your landing page but left without downloading the whitepaper.

Grab their attention, deliver value, and get them to take further action. Instead of getting them to just download it, perhaps it would be more beneficial to send them to a landing page where they pay to download the whitepaper with a tweet or a share to unlock the whitepaper, to encourage some initial social sharing.

You already know more than you realize. Creation of an outline is an iterative process. You do want to use the language your audience uses. Why should I read this white paper. You've worked hard to produce your white paper. The title is what people see when your paper comes up in a list of search results.

Without a well-converting landing page, all of your marketing efforts are worthless. In your white paper marketing, write like you talk in everyday life. Develop a snappy title.

5 Keys to do White Paper Marketing the Right Way

Promote it like a madman. If you are selling a product or service that will help your readers, make sure to mention it at the end. Similar to the title, time should be spent developing a clear, concise and hard-hitting abstract. Writing a white paper is not the same as writing a blog.

You need to use a business writing style and be fairly descriptive. You will probably end up writing at least ten pages to make your point. Set up a great intro. Be captivating. You want to catch people right off the bat with your introduction. For almost any form of content—be it a white paper, a news article, or a novel—the title has to hook your reader.

After all, the title is the introduction to your written work. After all, the title is the introduction to your written work. Apr 04,  · In your white paper marketing, write like you talk in everyday life. Imagine you are having a cup of coffee with an old friend.

Imagine you are a world 5/5. But ultimately, whitepapers are the academic papers of marketing content. Readers expect a high degree of expertise backed by solid research that is fully documented by references.

Ebooks, on the other hand, are often extensions of a subject you cover regularly on a blog. A strategic way to ensure you get the most out of a white paper is to use the Content Marketing Pyramid framework. This puts a white paper at the top of pyramid, with the content from the white paper atomized into more bite-sized assets such as eBooks, webinars.

Due to the typical annual or bi-annual cycle of conferences, many conferences rely on content marketing in the form of white papers, blog posts, and video to keep their conference in .

How to write a white paper for marketing
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